SCAT offers youth, parent, and community-focused programs throughout the year. We are not about intervention, but rather prevention, providing the education and creating the right environment for Sylvania’s youth to make healthy decisions and avoid common adolescent pitfalls. Our extensive programming is positive, encouraging, and inclusive.




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High School Youth Leadership

Meet new friends and help your community by joining SCAT's high school leadership program. Be a part of a team and build leadership skills as you serve as a peer prevention role model. The high school youth group meets every week to discuss ideas, create community education opportunities, plan events, and just enjoy life drug and alcohol-free. Every high school student is welcome!


MEETING DAY/TIME: Weekly, 3:00 - 4:30 @ Southview High School

CONTACT INFO: Connie White (SCAT Youth Coordinator) 419-265-4673

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Junior High Youth Leadership

Are you in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade and looking for a fun, social group? Enjoy games, skits, and service projects? All are welcome on the Jr. SCAT Crew, a youth leadership group for junior high students. The Jr. SCAT Crew is a great way to develop leadership through volunteer opportunities and team building activities. You will make friends and build confidence as you make a difference in your community!


CONTACT INFO: Connie White (SCAT Youth Coordinator) 419-265-4673

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Core Committed

High School Youth Program

Calling all athletes, creative types, and anyone else committed to performing at their best. With programs at both Northview and Southview, we are the place to be for any students interested in learning and developing into the best, healthiest version of themselves. We promote positive lifestyle choices, develop accountability, and promote positive overall character development. 

Northview - Julia Koralewski 419-266-8338

Southview - Todd Bostater 419-349-0422

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Parenting Information Series

SCAT offers the Operation Parent Program throughout the Sylvania area on a monthly series basis. Operation Parent provides ongoing education, support, and hope to parents of tweens and teens who as they navigate today's cultural obstacle course. Our facilitator guides you through the video and workbook as you connect with other parents. 


Parent Coordinator - Inga Holton - 419-297-0925

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Connection and Education for a Healthier Community

From small-group sessions to Community Conversations, SCAT is dedicated to educating the Sylvania community on the latest in drug and alcohol prevention and other youth-related topics (e.g., screen time, vaping, stress, depression). We spread awareness about what to look for, how to stop problems before they start, and how to create a healthy, safe environment for a better overall community.

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Don't Be a Party to Teenage Drinking

Did you know party hosts can be held responsible for the death of or injuries to intoxicated minors who were given alcohol by the host or even consumed alcohol at a party the host consented to? In short, being a party to teenage drinking is against the law. As adults, we need to make good choices just as we expect of our children. Take our Parent Pledge, learn about teen party guidelines, and read about parent host legal, health, and safety issues.

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Maintaining Community Responsibility

Drug and alcohol prevention means keeping tabs on those who are the gatekeepers of our children's wellbeing. SCAT is committed to making sure local businesses and other entities are staying responsible and compliant when it comes to not serving and selling alcohol to minors. 

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Community Responsibility - Check 

Hosting an event that serves alcohol? Keep our community safe and your organization compliant with our easy-to-use ID checkers. The convenience of digital ID scanners keeps your lines short and gives confidence to your ID check process.


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Training for Intervention ProcedureS (TiPS)

There are certain skills necessary to responsibly sell and serve alcohol, and SCAT is steadfast in making sure such training is available to those on the front lines. Owners, managers, and staff of establishments that sell/serve alcohol have the opportunity to take classes from our TiPS-trained SCAT staff members. SCAT also provides training to owners and employees referred by the Sylvania court system due to alcohol sale infractions. 


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Not Sure What to Do with Those Old Rx Drugs?

Prescription drug abuse by teens is a huge issue. Limit the opportunity by safely and responsibly discarding your old prescription drugs through our Drug Take-Back program. In addition to our Drug Drop-Off Day, permanent drug collection units are available 24/7 at our local police stations.