Knowledge is confidence-building, persuasive and empowering. SCAT believes in giving parents the right tools to guide their children safely from pre-adolescence to adulthood. Our resource base is large and free of charge to all parents and others who work with Sylvania’s youth. Click below to access our numerous drug and alcohol prevention resources.


A Resource for Parents of Teens & Preteens

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Ever wish there was a guidebook for parenting the teen and tween years? There is. After researching the best tools for navigating these confusing times, SCAT invested in Operation Parent's informative, straightforward parenting resource - The Parent Handbook. This handbook covers over forty of the most stressful issues facing parents, teens, and preteens. Learn about trends, misconceptions, and warning signs when it comes to addiction, violence, bullying, cyber life, and suicide.


You can request this FREE parent guide by emailing or calling the SCAT office at 419-824-8588.


A Resource Guide for Parents of Elementary Kids

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Elementary kids go through things too! Operation Parent offers an elementary school version of The Parent Handbook geared specifically toward younger children. Find practical advice when it comes to bullying, friends, cell phones, boundaries, and other issues elementary school students and their parents encounter.

You can request this FREE parent guide by emailing or calling the SCAT office at 419-824-8588.


Prevention Action Alliance


Find the education, tools, strategies, and empowerment to guide your middle school and high school kids through helpful weekly parenting tips. Know! covers teen and tween drinking, smoking, and drug use. For more information on Know!, you can visit the Prevention Action Alliance website. To receive Know! parenting tips right in your inbox, sign up on our contact page.


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The State of Ohio is fighting the ongoing drug epidemic through prevention. Kids are 50% less likely to use drugs when their parents talk to them about drugs, so Ohio is making the conversation easier with their Start Talking program. Check out their website to get started!